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Freelance traditional illustrator looking to create and distribute graphic novel series.

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Been coming to this site a long while ago since my adolescence, usually at the library, as family didn't really own a computer. Sat down to watch the flash animations and play the games. Had a really creative drive, but never knew where I wanted to take my art direction at the time until I was able to get my mind together as I grew older. I like a lot of manga and game series and they together helped me to find the story, or stories for this matter, that I wanted to weave and share. While there's many places like twitter and instagram, found they are pretty lackluster in trying to promote and share the product you wanted to make to gain support, harder especially to try getting friends interested when they tend to be too far interested in their own interests if what I was making was something they honestly weren't going to care about.

So I came here instead cause I felt it'd better trying to use systems that don't really make much of a difference despite the work you put in, to a place I remember where the animator, the game dev, the illustrator, the musician, and those that cared about the creative medium industry for creatives where they actually mattered.

The graphic novel I hope to introduce to the world is inspired by two of some of my favorites in the media, being that of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Quest. Both series having their up and down, but the tales and flavor text that hooked me to them that mattered more than much else. I'm kinda the only person working among my story, so it's rough trying to get other hands in helping to craft the world I'm trying to make, though I'm determined to make it work to publish this story.

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